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Welp... 2020

Hey Everybody - Claire D. Kolheim here... HEY!!

Wow... what a year this year has been, and today is only June 1.

So, I've had a website for years, but this is my first blog post on the site, and what a time to begin writing one. Things in our world look CRAZY, and it is weird to be in this place in time. While I have chosen to be who God has created me to be and stand up for injustices, I am also going to be used by Him to be a beacon of His light and love for others. So this month, I am going to be reading out of The President's Devotional on my Facebook platforms.

Join me on the LIVE or the replay, as I read from this book this month. You don't need to buy the book, because I will be reading out of it for you, but if you'd like to purchase it for your household, click the Amazon Affiliate picture and you'll be sent right to Amazon to buy one for yourself.

Let's join each other side by side, to fight with His Light!

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